Things You Should Know

  1. It often costs less to rebuild rather than repair a severely damaged house or commercial building.
  2. If there is a mortgage on the property, your insurance company will make the cheques payable to you and your mortgagee/bank tying up repairs unnecessarily.
  3. Insurance companies sometimes include ‘full and final settlement’ on a cheque, blocking you from receiving any more money. Don’t cash any cheques that you don’t agree with. Insurance companies sometimes use forms that have this similar language. Don’t sign any forms until you talk to us, especially a release on your claim, as it might let your insurance company off the hook for any future payments.
  4. Don’t let your insurance company quote Walmart prices when your goods came from The Hudson Bay. You are entitled to have Like Kind and Quality replacement on your goods. This applies to your building components and materials too.
  5. Condo owners, you NEED your own proper and adequate condo unit owners (like a homeowners) insurance policy on your own unit.
  6. You don’t have to stay with friends or family following a disaster. You likely have coverage for a hotel, meals and transportation, so use it.
  7. Insurance companies and their vendors use estimating software that don’t capturing true market construction costs. Computers don’t know what the real cost of a repair is; only the tradespeople who have to actually do the work, know what is involved and what the accurate costs are.
  8. Insurance companies WILL cut corners on the repairs to your home.
  9. Many policyholders regularly settle for less than the total cost of their damages, because they are simply too exhausted to fight for more. Even if you have Replacement Cost coverage, insurance companies usually pay the much lower Actual Cash Value, knowing most people can’t be bothered to submit receipts or other documentation. This is exactly what they want, so they can close their files paying out much less than the claim is worth.
  10. More often than not, people don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Call your independent broker and make sure that you are properly protected. It costs much more to repair or build than you might think.

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Queen Adjusters proudly works with homeowners and business owners who have suffered a Property Insurance Claim in Ontario. Let us help you reduce your stress levels and get you the best settlement possible.

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