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Insurance companies are in the top 5 wealthiest industries in this country. They scrutinize every claim to control their bottom line and maximize their profits. They do this with adjusters who are trained to keep the value of your claim as low as possible. They are supported by a large network of experts, which may include independent adjusters, restoration contractors, engineers, content or stock specialists, jewelers, automobile repair shops, etc.

A public adjuster works for you, getting you the maximum benefits, maximum payments and maximum settlement proceeds — faster.

Public Adjusters assist clients with filing insurance claims efficiently after a loss has occurred. We are worthy rivals of the insurance industry. As licensed adjusters serve the client instead of the insurance company, we make insurance companies pay out more than they would have, if you try to navigate the process alone.

The claim process is very stressful and can be a long and complicated journey, so hiring a public adjuster to help file and process your claim will ensure that your claim is handled properly, from assessment of damages to settlement. We have decades of experience actually working for the insurance company in their claims departments, so we know the process better than anyone else.

Queen Adjusters can apply their expertise in a number of ways to provide customers with the best insurance claim experience possible. By contributing a wide range of services, we lower the difficulty of filing insurance claims for policyholders and more importantly, we ensure a fair and reasonable claim settlement.

Utilizing a public adjuster for your insurance claim may prove to be highly useful depending on your current situation. If you wish to dispute your insurance adjusters’ evaluation, Queen Adjusters can help you gather data and the right evidence to properly restore your insured property to its previous condition.

It is always beneficial to hire a public adjuster if you are facing extensive damage or a difficult claim. By condensing all of the resources needed to effectively repair or rebuild your home, cottage, farm or business and file your claim into one service, our licensed public adjusters simplify the process. Call Queen Adjusters to find how we can help with your insurance claim.

A public adjuster is paid a fee that is a small fraction of the claim settlement. We are professionals whose interests are aligned with yours — the more we get for you, the greater our compensation. Conversely, the faster we get your claim settled, the faster we get compensated. In some circumstances we charge an hourly fee or minimum retainer fee.

Queen Adjusters tailors our services specifically to the clients claim, it is difficult to determine pricing before an initial consultation. Connect with Queen Adjusters for a free consultation.

What you must remember is that Insurance companies know how to make policies work for THEM, after all, they wrote the policy. You need an advocate on your side who knows how to make insurance policies work for YOU. We complete full and proper assessments to help identify the full extent of damages and maximize the scope of repairs. I.e. Repair vs replacement, as well as identifying how that work should best be done, with accurate and current construction pricing.

Get the best and most experienced public adjuster, call Queen Adjusters now.

Our public insurance adjusters are here for you throughout the claim filing process. Queen Adjusters takes pride in resolving every claim to completion, providing a seamless experience for our clients. For more details on how this works, call now and talk to one of our licensed public adjusters.

Both insurance company adjusters (or their hired independent adjusters) and public claim adjusters will evaluate the damage done to your property, however, the insurance adjusters typically stop there. A licensed public adjuster can evaluate the damage to your home, farm or business as well as providing repair services, helping you file the proper documentation and forms for insurance, and filling in any gaps while filing your insurance claim. Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance provider, ensuring that the focus of the claim is to benefit you.

It is never too late. Just like any active claim, a public insurance adjuster can reopen and assist with an older claim, depending on several factors. We have reopened and recovered millions of dollars in supplemental claims that had been closed or denied by insurance company adjusters. Don’t let a closed or denied insurance claim deter you from being fairly compensated, contact Queen Adjusters today for a free consultation.

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Queen Adjusters proudly works with homeowners, farmers, and business owners who have suffered any type of Property Insurance or Title Insurance Claim in Canada. Let us help you reduce your stress and get you the best settlement possible, so you can get closure and peace of mind.

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