Support and advocates for policyholders in all PROPERTY CLAIM disputes and APPRAISAL proceedings.

Queen Adjusters

We’ve been there. We hear you. We support you. Let us handle your claim , so you can lower your stress, get on with your life and rebuild as you choose. You have options. Don’t settle for less.

Queen Adjusters have settled millions of dollars in property damage losses in Canada.

  • Government licensed.
  • Skilled and experienced.
  • Hardworking and proactive.
  • 40+ years working for insurance companies.
  • Extensive knowledge of Canadian Insurance Law.
  • Extensive construction and restoration knowledge.
  • Farms, commercial, industrial, and residential claims.

HIRE THE BEST ADVOCATES: Queen Adjusters will get you a larger settlement.

We guarantee it.

Our Public Adjusters.

Susan Bettencourt

  • Licensed Public Adjuster (FSRAO)
  • Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional
  • Canadian Risk Manager
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Insurance Claims Professional
  • Formerly a Claims Adjuster
  • Insurance Institute of Ontario instructor
  • National Claims Manager of Major Global Insurer
  • Home Builder and Renovator
  • Building Inspector
  • Director of Claims with Large Canadian Insurance Broker.