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When you need a public adjuster to handle the entire claim for you, an experienced claims consultant who can help you attempt to resolve it yourself, title insurance claims help, an appraiser, mediator, or arbitrator, call Queen Adjusters.

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Why Queen Adjusters?

Get a Bigger Settlement, Faster.

We specialize in ALL home insurance/property claims. We have decades of experience working directly for the insurance industry, across Canada. This knowledge is power!

We’ve also experienced firsthand the stress and anxiety of dealing with an insurance claim. Unless you have the same experience, don’t waste your time trying to manage a claim on your own. You will only grow more anxious and frustrated.

Remember one thing: Insurance companies first priority is profits, not customer service. Profits rise when claims costs or settlements go down.

Let our experience get to work for you. Nobody else gives you the care and compassion you deserve. Call us now, we’ll work hard so you can get on with your life.

An insurance claim is a complicated financial transaction. There is a big conflict of interest when your insurance company attempts to represent both sides of a claim. Level the playing field. You have the right to hire your own public adjuster, contractor, and other experts.

When you suffer major damage to your home, farm, or business, need to file an insurance claim, have had your claim denied, or want to be treated fairly by your insurers, hire a public adjuster.

Queen Adjusters is licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Beware of those who are not or lack the experience and compassion to deal with your biggest asset.

Your insurance company hires its experts to reduce claims costs and expenses. Hire Queen Adjusters to maximize your claim recovery and get the settlement you are entitled to.

Protect your biggest investment. Protect your rights. 

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  • Fire, smoke
  • Water, flood, sewer, mould
  • Windstorm, hail, tornado
  • Vehicle impact to buildings
  • Theft, burglary, robbery
  • Other valuables

Claims Management and Dispute Resolution

Damage Valuations

Our goal is to provide quality and timely service in establishing an accurate assessment, scope and valuation of all property damages. This appraisal of damages, includes building, contents, stock, equipment, rental income, business income, and other expenses, as well as other items you may be claiming for.

We also have a network of experts to assist in the assessment and valuation and then use this best evidence to negotiate the settlement you deserve.

Claims Adjusting and Insurance Act Appraisal

Our unparalleled success is based on our extensive claims industry experience working FOR the insurance companies. We know insurance policies because we network with the underwriters who wrote them. We network with the best lawyers and have strong knowledge of insurance law. We know insurance company tactics, motives and processes, better than anybody else. We’ve trained and educated other adjusters and their vendors.

Now, as licensed public adjusters, loss valuation specialists, risk managers, and construction and restoration consultants, we negotiate on your behalf to get you the best outcome on your claim. We know what evidence you will need to win and what documents to file.

If we cannot negotiate a settlement that supports your best interest, then let’s not waste your valuable time. Let’s be pro-active together and take them to Mediation/ Appraisal/ Arbitration for a resolution on the proper value of your claim, so you can reap the full benefits of your policy, which the insurers will often attempt to minimize, deny, reduce or resist coverage on.

Insurance Restorations and Rebuilding Consultations

With our extensive construction knowledge combined with decades of claims adjusting experience, we are the best advocates for policyholders in fighting for the coverage you paid for. We ensure the specifications for repairs are accurate, and secure and prepare realistic and proper estimates for those repairs. We negotiate the true Replacement Cost Value (RCV), a fair Actual Cash Value (ACV), and protect you from exorbitant co-insurance penalties.

Free Consultation or Assessment

Queen Adjusters proudly works with homeowners, farmers, and business owners who have suffered any type of Property Insurance or Title Insurance Claim in Canada. Let us help you reduce your stress and get you the best settlement possible, so you can get closure and peace of mind.

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February 2021.

A Few Kind Words….

“My wife lost her very large and expensive diamond ring. It was properly insured, but after 6 months of trying to deal with the insurance company, they still hadn’t paid our claim and continued to scrutinize everything in our life under a microscope, like they didn’t believe us. I called Queen Adjusters and within 2 weeks, Susan was able to get our claim paid. I’ve recommended her to many of my friends.”

Bobby S.

“For many months, my insurance company refused my claim because they thought my son set the fire. He is autistic. They demanded an Examination under Oath. Susan and her team fought hard with the insurance company. Because of Queen Adjusters, they overturned their position and so far, I’ve received almost $2 million in payments and I haven’t even started building yet. Queen Adjusters are the best.”

“When my insurance said they were going to deny my claim and started to treat me like a criminal because of a previous legal problem on a rental property that I owned, I turned to Queen Adjusters. Susan was not only able to get my claim covered, but she negotiated a huge award in mediation. She exceed my expectations and with the settlement, my wife and children and I can start all over again. “
Virge C.

“My bed and breakfast suffered a major water loss which started on the 3rd floor and ran all the way down. Improper drying techniques by the insurance company’s construction vendor and the improper removal of building finishes resulted in secondary mold damage that was making everyone sick. Susan and her team of experts identified these damages and was successful at the appraisal hearing in getting us the money necessary to properly repair my building and replace all of my expensive Persian rugs and art, so I could get my business up and running again.”

William D.

“Susan, anytime I’m dealing with my wife’s murder and the estate, it is difficult, but I cannot thank you enough for helping with the insurance claim, truly heartfelt. ”

“We had a significant commercial fire loss, the insurance company’s contactor removed the fire-damaged materials without first testing for hazardous materials, resulting in cross contamination of the entire building with asbestos. Furthermore, the insurance contractor had started the building repairs without first cleaning the smoke and fire damage. We reached out to Susan and her team for help to identify the proper emergency work that needed to be completed prior to repairing our building. Her experts provided a proper scope and repair estimate, and they were able to negotiate a much bigger settlement.”
Dominic A.
“I few years ago I had a cottage that suffered a fire and even after the insurance fixed everything, it always smelled like smoke. When my barn caught fire and the insurance company said they couldn’t smell anything, I knew they were going to give me a hard time. I called Queen Adjusters. Thank God I did. Susan was able to help me avoid a co-insurance penalty and get me a huge settlement for my damaged crop and more than enough money to replace my barn.”
Mark K.

“All I can say is “Thank you!” from the bottom of my heart. My husband passed away in a house fire and afterwards, I was living in a different city with one of my children. I needed the help of a public adjuster to settle the insurance claim as I just couldn’t do it right after the fire. My son, whom I was living with, drove back and forth at the request of the insurance company. They provided an estimate to repair the damage which even we knew would not be enough to pay for the necessary repairs, so we reached out for help. Queen Adjusters did all of the work for us and we received a much higher amount in the end than originally expected.”


“After a significant flood damaged my entire home, Queen Adjusters was so helpful and considerate in helping me to manage my claim for damages. She explained the process of how things were going to work, and helped me to collect the necessary documentation to move things along. The insurance company and their mediators have been very difficult to work with and I am so glad to have Queen Adjusters in my corner.”

Kathryn J.

“My parents are dealing with a major fire at their home and are so stressed out by how the insurance has treated them. For almost a year, they didn’t pay us anything and kept saying they were investigating. We hired Queen Adjusters and she has been like an angel to my family. She is kind and knowledgeable and keeps us informed of everything along the way. We have already received so much more money than we would have ever gotten and she is still going after them for more so we can rebuild our home. I wish more people knew about her service and help that she provides, but I guess insurance companies probably don’t want to tell their clients that! Thank goodness we found her.”

Jessica C.
“Susan really cares about her clients. She is very knowledgeable with regard to all the laws that govern the insurance industry. The best part about Susan is that she explains your options every step of the way. Susan is great with confrontation and holds her ground when up against your insurance company. Even after she’s helped you win your battle with the insurance company, she guides you to collect all the money they owe you. Anytime I have a problem with my insurance, I want Susan on my team!”

“Our new dream home was being built and a subtrade damaged an imported $24,000 entry door. I dealt with his insurance company for over 4 months and they still didn’t pay my claim and never returned my calls. I paid Susan to write 2 letters for me and within a month, not only had they admitted to their negligence, but I was able to pick up a cheque at their office for the replacement of these brand new doors. I later teased her and said she is like a pit bull and knows the insurance business like nobody else I know…in a professional way.”

Sandra V.

“When we met Queen Adjusters, we had experienced tornado damage to our home and farm buildings. We were eager to receive funds as our livestock were transported across the road to a neighbours until we were able to re-build the necessary livestock shelter buildings. She was very helpful in expediting the process of receiving preliminary funding to repair not only our home, but also the ‘home’ for our dairy cows. We knew the schedule of when to submit documents for further funding, and she was always proactive in following up with us regularly which we appreciated”

T & R Mapleton

“My house in a small town in Ontario, was destroyed by fire. I didn’t have a very good policy, unfortunately, as my broker didn’t sell me a policy with Guaranteed Replacement Cost, and there was a low limit of coverage. My insurance company was giving me a really hard time. They thought my 18 year old son intentionally set the fire and didn’t want to pay the claim. I hired Queen Adjusters. From the moment I met Susan, I somehow just knew everything was going to be ok. She promised me she would get my house rebuilt. She came through for us and last year just before Christmas, my kids and I were able to move into a brand new home that she helped us rebuild. As a single mom, I didn’t know much about construction and mortgages, but she has built many homes over the years. I was so close to financial ruin, but she helped me every step of the way. I will be forever grateful for everything she has done for us”

Cheryl M.

“I have been flooded twice, and the first time I handled the claim myself. The insurance adjuster dragged out the process making minor changes to the settlement calculations and delaying the process. The second time I knew that I could not live through the delay of having my home and my rental units out of commission for that long, so I reached out to Queen Adjusters was able to start putting the insurance company ‘on a timer’ right away. Things are now moving much faster!”